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Hair Mask

 As a licensed cosmetologist i’ve tried many professional hair masks and while some of them seem to feel nourishing, they almost always contain harsh chemicals. I’ve also tried many other DIY hair masks and I find that most of them (for example avocado) are super messy, not providing me with the same result as my favorite simple hair mask:

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

In this beauty treatment used to nourish your hair, you simply apply Coconut Oil generously to hair and scalp. Leaving it in as long as possible before rinsing.

 I like to keep my hair mask on for at least a couple of hours, if you don’t have a lot of time, 30 minutes will do. I recommend pulling your hair back, keeping out of the way.
When rinsing I suggest shampooing twice to ensure the removal of all excess oil and then condition as you would normally.

Coconut Oil

I’ve yet to find anything else as hydrating or that gives me as much shine, volume, & softness as just plain old Coconut Oil. It contains essential fatty acids and vitamins (including vitamin E) that nourish and cleanse your scalp helping your hair grow to faster and stronger.

How Often? Ideally every time you wash your hair. Realistically once a week.

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