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Oil Cleansing

While it may seem like a new trend, women have been doing this for centuries.
And while putting oil on your skin to cleanse it may seem like an odd concept here’s how it works: 

 Oil Cleansing 

 In this beauty treatment used to cleanse your face, you massage oil into your skin, following with a damp warm washcloth opening pores and removing any excess oil.

 What you will need

-Jojoba Oil 

-Warm Water 

-Wash Cloth 

 Why am I suggesting jojoba oil?
JOJOBA OIL:  It has antibacterial properties, it’s gentle, soothing, and anti-inflammatory. It’s also the most similar oil to the oil (Sebum) that our skin naturally produces. So it’s great for all skin types.  

If you already have oily skin, or acne prone skin, I know that adding more oil to the mix sounds like it could be a bad idea. On the contary OIL REMOVES OIL. As well as bacteria, dirt, and makeup.
What happens when we use soaps, cleaners, and chemicals is that those harsh items strip the skins natural oil (Sebum) causing an over production of oil from our skin, thus causing oily or acne prone skin!
By cleansing your skin with oil, it balances the production of your skins natural oil, which means that your skin will start to produce less oil on it’s own because it will be getting the hydration it needs from the Oil Cleansing technique. 

When we age, the production of skins natural oil starts to slow down. The last thing you want to do is strip away the little bit of oil that you do have by using harsh soaps, cleansers, and chemicals. Oil cleansing works on dry skin by forming an oily outer layer that traps moisture into the skin, hydrating your skin. Illuminating dry patches and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Oil cleansing will leave you with more youthful, soft, glowing, dewy skin.

I have been using this method of cleansing my face for the last few years and I really love it! I use the jojoba oil as a natural makeup remover as well. My skin has been super clear since I started doing this, even with all the hormonal changes during and after my pregnancy.

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