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Delilah Rose


So I had this instinct that I was pregnant. I felt different. I felt funny, slightly dizzy, a little more emotional than normal. I think my fiancé and I both knew... So we decided to take a walk... We walked to the candy store where I proceeded to get pink pop rocks, pink gummy bears, and pink jelly bellies. Pink?? What's gotten in to me? I've never been so into this color. On the way back we stopped at CVS and picked up a pregnancy test, you know just incase.... CONTINUE READING


So much controversy!! So much pressure!! Can my body even do this? If so, should I hide under a cloth, inside a bathroom stall, in my car? If I don't will people stare at me, or even worse, insult me? Does it hurt? Will I know how to do it on my own or will someone have to teach me? Is it really the most healthy thing for my baby? How long should I do it for? 3 months? 6 months? A year? At what point does it become just plain weird? CONTINUE READING


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